Albermarle Rules

BMFA North Eastern Area.

Guidance Notes For Model Flying At Albermarle Barracks Airfield.

1. Events must be negotiated through the North Eastern Area Committee. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

2. The Airfield Liaison Officer is Terry Bailey, FSMAE who can be contacted at 07887 846078.

3. Entry for all events will be gained through crash-gate 4, at the north end of the airfield.

4. Clubs who have not booked Albemarle previously, or for a significant period, should be made aware of the requirements for running an event at Albemarle BEFORE a booking can be accepted.

5. Organizers of an event must appoint a key orderly for the day. Organizers of an event must lock the chain around the gate and use the combination lock so pilots attending can call the organizer who can let them gain access with the combination. At the end of the meeting all flyers must leave by crash-gate 4, which will then be locked, and the keys returned to the guardroom. The orderly must tell the guard that the airfield is clear of persons, cars and equipment.

6. No spectators other than guests to be allowed onto the airfield during the meeting. Guests must be accompanied by a BMFA member at point and time of entry. The BMFA member may be in the vehicle with the guest(s) or in an accompanying vehicle. SAA and LMA members to be included.

7. Proof of insurance acceptable to MOD required.

8. Membership cards to be shown to organisers before flying.

9. Members must show membership cards if asked to do so by the military personnel.

10. No structures or permanent markers are to be introduced by the user.

11. No powered flying before 10.00am or after 8.00pm.

12. Current Civil Aviation law & BMFA guidelines must be strictly observed. Please note that there is a 400 foot height limit on model aircraft flown at Albemarle.

13. All models must comply with the department of environment statutory codes on noise emission.

14. No models over 20Kg weight may be flown.

15. Solo fliers must hold a BMFA certificate.

16. BMFA A certificate holders may only fly models under 7 Kg & not turbine powered.

17. BMFA B Certificate required for models 7 Kg & over & turbine powered models.

18. Un certificated pilots may only fly under the direct supervision of a suitably qualified pilot. Models must be below 7 Kg & not turbine powered.

19. Flight control: The preferred method of flight control is by use of a transmitter pound for all frequencies including 2.4 GHz. However, where a Tx pound for all transmitters would be difficult e.g. no secure, weatherproof enclosure available then 2.4 GHz Txs may be handed back after checking and only 35MHz Txs be impounded. Tx check to include inspection of appropriate organisation membership card.

20. There shall be a flight marshal appointed for the day who shall ensure that there will be no more than 6 aircraft in the air at any one time and instruct which direction the circuit will be flown. It is recommended that 2 flight marshals should be appointed, to allow marshals to fly , if they wish & for “comfort breaks”.

21. Frequency control to be by pegboard . 35 MHz frequencies to be at 10KHz spacing. 20KHz spacing is not acceptable.

22. System will be “peg on/peg off”.

23. Fliers should supply their own peg marked the flier’s name and association number. All frequencies, including 2.4 GHz must have a peg supplied by user. Pliers, spring clips, sticky paper, key rings &c are not acceptable substitutes.

24. Flier to peg onto board with own, marked peg. A red BMFA Area peg will be given to flier by flight marshal, who will also put a marked tag , indicating number of area peg given to the flier next to the fliers peg. The BMFA Area peg must be clipped to Tx or flier’s clothing that it is visible at all times.

25. Upon completion of flight, the area peg must be returned to the flight marshal without delay, and the flier’s own peg removed from the pegboard. THIS APPLIES TO ALL FREQUENCIES NOT JUST 35 MHz. Non compliance means a flight ban for the remainder of the day.

26. Dogs must be on lead at all times.

27. All litter to be removed from airfield including model debris.

28. All users will conduct themselves in an orderly manner and carry out any instructions given by the military or security personnel as well as the instructions of a North Eastern Area committee member. A club delegate may refer any disputes to the next area meeting.

29. Any model falling within the confines of the missile compound must not be retrieved. Inform the guardroom personnel who will make arrangements for collection in due course. Guard room personnel do not have a key for the compound.

30. Should a model land outside the airfield, but within the confines of the camp inform the guardroom to obtain permission for recovery.

31. To prevent any problems with the military, the following types of model aircraft are prohibited at Albemarle; ALL MULTICOPTERS, and ANY CAMERA CARRYING AIRCRAFT, IRRESPECTIVE OF WHETHER THE CAMERA IS CARRIED FOR FPV OR AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY.